Changes to your Service

When you are planning to repair, upgrade or replace the electrical wiring in your workplace, an electrical inspection permit must be obtained from the opens in a new windowElectrical Safety Authority (ESA). Alterations such as the relocation of an electrical meter base from one location to another or a change from overhead wiring to underground wiring may mean the details of your electrical service by ERTH Power will need to change.

Before service upgrades begin, you or your electrical contractor need to contact ERTH Power to inform us of the possible changes to your service. In addition to contacting ERTH Power, your electrical contractor is responsible for contacting the ESA for a certified inspection to ensure electrical safety for your family and compliance with Ontario Electrical Safety Code regulations.

For upgraded or new services ERTH Power requires a completed opens in a new windowCustomer Request for Service Form.opens PDF file

Before beginning your upgrades

Please contact ERTH Power prior to the start of your upgrades to let us know the scope of your project. If changes to your service are necessary we will:

  • Provide you with a layout for the new service upgrade
  • Advise you of any charges that may be required for the work we have performed
  • Coordinate the isolation and de-energization of the service to your business
  • Provide 5 working days notice to coordinate requests

We will reconnect your electrical service only after your ESA-approved inspection has been completed on the electrical installations inside your business and out to the demarcation point. The ESA will issue a connection authorization to ERTH Power permitting the reconnection of power to your workplace.

If you have any questions about whether or not a change to your service is necessary, based on higher or lower usage needs or alterations to the wiring in your business, please contact us at (519) 485-1820 or toll free at (877) 850-3128. We are happy to answer your questions and provide any additional help you require.