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Whether you are a small company or a large industrial business, ERTH Power is Your Hometown Utility – the partner you can count on. We work hard to serve you, dedicated to providing you with reliable and exceptional electrical service and assistance. Always looking to bring you added benefit, our engineers and service experts constantly seek ways we can improve our services to your business.

Energy and electricity are important – our lives and your business rely on it. With proper management of your energy usage, you can ensure your company has a power supply that enables you to run your business while intelligently managing costs. ERTH Power is here to provide you with the essentials and offer ideas on how to manage costs through smart energy usage patterns. We can also offer ideas on how to help make your place of business Green-friendly. Through our website you’ll find energy-saving ideas and information about innovations that help your business make the most of your energy, while also helping to preserve our precious energy resources.

We are Your Hometown Utility – committed to providing you with the tools you need so you can focus on what matters most: your business. At ERTH Power we’re glad to be your trusted source for accurate, expert information and quality service with a personal touch.