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FIT and microFIT Programs

IMPORTANT: Please note that FIT and microFIT programs are no longer available.

Legacy FIT and micoFIT Programs

The Feed In Tarrif (FIT) and microFIT Programs are legacy programs that were introduced to support the adoption of renewable electricity projects at a distributed level. FIT/microFIT programs are no longer available. Generators who hold legacy FIT/microFIT contracts are guaranteed prices for energy output over a 20-year term.

FIT/microFIT programs are no longer available, however owners of existing installations shall operate and maintain their installations as per the connection agreements & contracts in place and any changes shall be communicated with ERTH Power.  If an existing contract reaches its end, you have the option to apply again through the Net Metering program.

Transferring Ownership of a FIT or microFIT Contract

FIT/microFIT contracts are managed through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The IESO website provides important information and resources for contract holders, real estate agents and real estate lawyers.

The current owner/supplier can initiate the transfer through IESO’s Beacon portal or by contacting IESO by email at

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