Standard Offer Program

Caring for our earth

Smart use of our energy resources is key to caring for our environment and ensuring our power generation techniques remain sustainable. We look for new technologies and ideas, joining you in this effort. Because each of us can do our part.

In 2004, the Government of Ontario established the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) whose main prerogative is to ensure a sustainable, competitive and reliable electricity system for all of Ontario. The OPA is dedicated to helping Ontario meet its goals for a renewed electricity infrastructure by encouraging the use and distribution of renewable energy, making our energy grid stronger and more reliable.
About the Program

The Standard Offer Program provides an opportunity for operators of small renewable energy generating facilities (wind, waterpower, solar or biomass operations that generate 10,000 KW or less) to participate in meeting Ontario’s electricity supply needs. The energy generated by your renewable energy source will supply power through Erie Thames Powerlines in return for a fair and stable price for the power you provide. The OPA offers a standard pricing regime and streamline quantifying process for these projects.

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