ERTH Power Corporation’s distribution rates and services are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), an independent provincial government agency. At any time, ERTH Power may have one or more applications before the OEB, and may also be participating in other OEB-sponsored proceedings. ERTH Power is licensed by the OEB under Electrical Distribution Licence No. ED-2002-0516.

2023 Rate Application

ERTH Power has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to change its electricity distribution rates effective May 1, 2023.  If the application is approved as filed, a typical residential customer would see an increase of $4.16 per month.  Other customers, including businesses, may also be affected.  All correspondence regarding this application can be found at website

ERTH Power 2023 IRM Rate Application EB-2022-0029opens PDF file




  1. Notice – Cost of Service Rate Applicationopens PDF file
  2. ETPL – Cost of Service Rate Application – Part 1opens PDF file
  3. ETPL – Cost of Service Rate Application – Part 2opens PDF file
  4. ETPL – Cost of Service Rate Application – Part 3opens PDF file

OEB Scorecard

The Scorecard for Ontario’s Electricity Distributors was introduced in 2013 by the Ontario Energy Board as a tool to measure how well Ontario’s electricity distributors, such as ERTH Power Corporation, are performing each year based on a specific set of measures. The Scorecard has been developed to provide customers insight of how well their utility is performing and will be posted annually. ERTH Power will use the scorecard to continue to improve productivity and focus on improvements that our customers value. For further information on the Scorecard read the FAQ’s below or visit the opens in a new windowOEB’s electricity distributor scorecard page.

Ontario’s Electricity Supply Mix

For a complete listing, please visit the Ontario Energy Board’s website.

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