microFIT – Renewable Generation less than 10 Kilowatts

The microFIT program helps Ontario meet its Green Energy and Green Economy Act targets by providing a standard pricing regime and simplified eligibility, contracting and other rules for small renewable electricity generating projects. microFIT differs from Net Metering in that the customer gets paid a microFIT contract price for the electricity produced by the generator. At the same time, the customer continues to pay the regulated or market price for electricity used on their premises.

This creates a need for two meters (and accounts), one to measure the amount of electricity supplied to the distribution system and one to measure the amount of electricity used on the premises. microFIT customers are responsible for connection costs and must enter into a 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Erie Thames Powerlines specifies the physical connection requirements and pays the generator upon direction from the OPA. The customer must enter a Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement with Erie Thames Powerlines .


  1. Projects must generate electricity from wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), renewable biomass, biogas, bio-fuel, landfill gas or water power.
  2. Projects must be located in Ontario with an installed capacity of not more than 10 kilowatts (kW) and connected to an eligible electricity distribution system in Ontario.
  3. In some areas of the province, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) may impose limits on eligible projects because of transmission system constraints.

For more details on rates and requirements for the program, please visit the Ontario Power Authority’s FIT website.


Steps to Connect

Follow the steps below to begin connecting your small generation facility to Erie Thames Powerlines electricity network under the microFIT program:

  1. Request information about the distribution system in your area from Erie Thames Powerlines’ Business Customer Centre at or 1-519-485-1820 or fill out and submit the ETPL Pre-Connection Form. Customers should also contact the Electrical Safety Authority for information.
  2. Review the information from Erie Thames Powerlines and ESA and decide whether or not to proceed with the project. If you proceed, you must put together a plan for the project.
  3. Contact the Ontario Power Authority online and complete the microFIT application. Once the application is completed, your project will be issued a Reference Number.
  4. If you are interested in connecting a generation facility up to 10 kW (Micro generation) under the Net Metering Program or Micro Feed-In Tariff (microFIT) program, you must complete the ETPL Micro Generation Application Form available on Erie Thames Powerlines website and submit it to the Business Customer Centre by email, mail or fax. Details are available on Micro-Generation Connection Application Form . (Please note that the required microFIT Reference Number must be included on the application).
  5. Erie Thames Powerlines will contact customers by mail with the required documents and payment request for the associated costs of connection.
  6. Begin your project installation and apply to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for Electrical Inspection.
  7. After obtaining ESA authorization to connect, you must contact Erie Thames Powerlines and enter into a Connection Agreement.
  8. Erie Thames Powerlines will make the necessary modifications for the connection such as the replacement/addition of the meter(s), and the opening of a separate account to record the output of the generator.
  9. Erie Thames Powerlines will verify all the required documents, then connect your generation project to the grid.

Still have questions?

For further information on connecting a microFIT project to Erie Thames Powerlines distribution system, please contact our microFIT team at or visit the OPA’s microFIT website.