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ERTH Power 2024 Rate Application

ERTH Power Corporation currently has its 2024 IRM rate application for May 1, 2024, before the Ontario Energy Board for approval.

If the application is approved as filed, a typical residential customer and a typical general service customer of ERTH Power would see the following increase:

Rate ClassMain Rate ZoneGoderich Rate Zone
Residential (750 kWh)$1.57 per month$1.66 per month
General Service less than 50kW (2,000 kWh)$2.52 per month$2.81 per month

Other customers, including businesses, will also be affected,  It’s important to review the application carefully to determine whether you may be affected by the proposed changes.

ERTH Power Corporation’s application includes an adjustment to correct a calculation error identified in certain 2023 approved rates for its Main Rate Zone.  The adjustment will result in an additional bill increase for all Non-Regulated Price Plan customers in the Main Rate Zone.

View ERTH Power’s Application Notice

View the ERTH Power 2024 IRM Rate Application

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