ERTH Continues to Operate during COVID-19

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ERTH Continues to Operate during COVID-19opens PDF file As ERTH Power continues to operate during this unprecedented time, I am writing to provide you with an update on the status of ERTH Power operations.   We want you to know that we are doing everything possible to deliver ongoing safe and reliable electricity to our communities.  As the pandemic continues to evolve, and in recognition of the critical and essential services that ERTH provides, we are also taking active measures to support our customers.

Additionally, I want to reassure you that our number one priority remains the health and safety of our employees, customers and the public.  We are actively following the guidelines and recommendations of Public Health organizations and we continually monitor official third-party communications.

To stay ahead of these extraordinary circumstances, we have undertaken several measures including, but not limited to the following:

  • ERTH facilities have been closed to non-essential visitors and increased cleaning has been implemented
  • Restrictions have been placed on face-to-face meetings and travel
  • Returning to work protocols have been established and are actively being monitored
  • Employees who can work from home are now doing so under our Work From Home agreement
  • Social distancing measures have been enacted with increased segregation of office personnel, work crews, staggered shifts and separated facility touch-down locations

The above measures follow ongoing steps performed by all staff to manage exposure to the virus though proper hygiene, sanitation, communication, social distancing and self-isolation as required.

Many people are currently facing financial hardships, so please be aware of the various measures being undertaken by the Government of Ontario and ERTH Power to support our customers.  I would also like to remind customers that we offer several programs to assist those having difficulty paying their electricity bills, including the Ontario Electricity Support Program, Affordability Fund and Low-Income Energy Assistance Program.  For more information on the above, please visit our website

We are all in this together, but please know that ERTH Power is taking all the necessary actions and precautionary measures to manage a reliable electricity supply, while maintaining the safety of our employees and communities we serve.