Borrow-a-meter-headerNow eliminating unnecessary power usage and reducing your monthly bills is easy with the Meter Loan Program. ERTH Power, Erie Thames Powerlines, has partnered with the Oxford County Library and Elgin County Library to deliver the “Borrow a Meter – Save a Load!” Meter Loan Program. Simply borrow a meter from your local library, measure the energy consumption of your home appliances and devices, and see where you can cut costs on your energy bill. Included with each meter are simple operating instructions, information on how to calculate the costs of the household appliances as well as 100 energy saving tips.

By measuring how much electricity it takes to operate individual electrical devices in your home, you can make informed decisions about how to conserve energy and determine which appliances should be replaced with newer, high-efficiency models. Thought those appliances and devices where off, think again. Most appliances still use electricity even when they are turned off. You now have the power to monitor and fight those phantom loads.


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Borrow a Meter Program

ERTH Power has partnered with Libraries in its’ service areas…