Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

Dear Customers,

ERTH Power Corporation is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to the communities we serve. The trusted relationship we have with our customers is a top priority. As such, I am informing our customers of an error in the calculation of their fixed monthly charge, which resulted in overbilling.

Billing accuracy has always been a priority of ERTH Power Corporation and we sincerely apologize for this error. As soon as the error was identified, we took immediate action and corrected it as of May 1, 2022.

ERTH Power Corporation operates on fixed monthly charges and, due to the calculation error, our billing system translated these monthly charges into a daily charge for application to our customers’ bills. In the translation from monthly to a daily charge, the daily charge was calculated based on there being 30 days in every month (or 360 days in a year), but billed to customers 365 days a year.

ERTH Power Corporation has been working with the Ontario Energy Board to determine the restitution amount to be provided to our customers. We will be providing a one-time credit to all active impacted customers, which will appear on their December bill, which amounts to four years of overcharging.

We sincerely apologize to our valued customers for the error in our billing system and are committed to taking steps to ensure billing accuracy moving forward. We value our customers and the trust they put in us to provide the electricity required to power their life. As Your Hometown Utility, we remain dedicated to our mission of providing customers with safe and reliable electricity and will work to strengthen your trust in us.

You can find more information about this issue at the Ontario Energy Board website: https://www.oeb.ca/regulatory-rules-and-documents/compliance-and-enforcement-processes/enforcement-proceedings

If you have any questions about this situation, please contact our Customer Care department at info@erthpower.comcreate new email.


Chris White
President and Chief Executive Officer, ERTH Corporation