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Tree Trimming

Trees are important to us, which is why we only trim what is necessary to ensure safe and reliable delivery of electricity to your home or business. Tree contact with overhead power lines can cause fires, equipment damage or power outages.

Our team monitors the proximity of trees to overhead power lines on a regular basis and identifies areas of risk. We will trim trees that are directly in contact with a power line, or within three (3) meters of a power line as part of our standard maintenance practices.

As a property owner, you are responsible to ensure your trees are regularly maintained and in good health. If a tree removal or trimming is required with hydro lines in the area, please contact ERTH Power. We will evaluate whether the homeowner can safely complete the work, whether an approved utility arborist is required or if any other considerations are required. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has further safety information for homeowners on landscaping and tree pruning.

Report a Tree on Power Line

If you notice a tree on or near an overhead power line within the ERTH Power service territory, please report it by contacting our Customer Care team at 1-877-850-3128, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or email us at

Planting Trees

ERTH Power asks that all property owners follow the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) guidelines when planting near our infrastructure. The ESA’s guide for Planting Under or Around Powerlines & Electrical Equipment provides information on planting near power lines and electrical equipment, choosing the right species of tree for the area, provincial standards, and best practices.

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