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Frequently Asked Questions

When paying your bill through online banking, be sure to select ERTH Power Corporation as the payee and use the 10-digit account number found in the top right corner of your bill with no dashes, spaces or special characters.

Example: 00000000-01

For online banking, you would remove the dash (-).

If you are a new customer of ERTH Power, you must wait to receive your first bill before you can register for MyAccount online.

You can expect to receive your first ERTH Power bill 6-8 weeks from your move-in date.

You will need to have a copy of your bill handy to register for MyAccount.

No, ERTH Power and ERTH Solutions are two separate companies. ERTH Solutions is an affiliate company of ERTH Power, which provides water billing services on behalf of the County of Oxford and Norfolk County.

Please check your bill carefully to make sure you pay the right company. If you are an ERTH Power customer, be sure to select ERTH POWER CORPORATION as the payee through online banking. If you are an ERTH Solutions water customer located in Oxford or Norfolk County, be sure to select ERTH SOLUTIONS as the payee through online banking.

There are several programs available for eligible low-income customers who are having trouble paying their electricity bills.

Learn more about available Financial Assistance programs.

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